This post is really just a little more info about me and my role(s) at my church. My main area of focus is the weekend worship experience. Live production is something I have spent a lot of time doing and it’s something that I think I am pretty good at. However as with most video people while my focus may be live production, I am also a competent videographer in my own rights. I am capable of shooting and editing footage and I like to think I can hold my own in this area. However, what I have spent the most time lately doing is motion design/animation. This is an aspect of my job that I REALLY enjoy, but unlike my live production experience this is not something I was ever trained for.  I am mostly self taught. I have watched literally hundreds of hours of tutorials, and I am a VERY novice graphic person, and I know even less about motion graphic design.

My problem, is like a lot of video people who work for/with non video people, I am expected to be very competent in this area as well. From live production to shooting and editing in post there are at least SOME correlations.  However, when it comes to graphics they are in no way shape or form related but since it’s all video I am suppose to good at it.  What is funny is typically this is not the case.  Most motion graphics guys can’t edit their way outta a wet paper bag, and most good editors start sucking their thumb at the thought of opening Motion or AE.  Now this is observation not a law… I know a few guys that can handle both pretty well, but those guys few and far between, and they bill A TON more per hour then me …. and are totally worth every penny.  

My point is I think their is a double standard here… and since it effects me my opinion on is it not biased at all.  There is a double standard of expectations that I don’t think exists in other places.  Video and graphics are not the same, if you have one guy doing both… get them some help.  Now!  Seriously GO!