Last night I got do something entirely new for me.  I was part of a podcast recording for church tech arts weekly.  All in all it was way more fun then one person should be allowed to have.  Basically I got to shoot the tech breeze for 2 hours with some of the big guns in the business:

You can find it here
These guys put tons of effort in to all that they do and on top of that, they do something I really admire, they go above that to help and encourage other TD’s all over.  
It’s encouraging for me to know these guy are not perfect, they don’t have all the best toys, and they are living/dealing with decisions/sacrifices and less then perfect tech scenarios.  In other words they are in the same boat as every other TD out there, but despite all that they all keep a great attitude about it.  I hope if I keep hanging out with these guys some of that will rub off on me 🙂