Our new sermon series is called “Break Out” the series is about how to break free of the bondage of not forgiving, so we wanted to the series art represent the struggle.  We ran down a few different concepts involving chains and other forms of bondage, but we decided all of those were a little to cliche.  The team came up with this concept that originally involved a person pushing his hand through spandex, and that seemed a good representation of the struggle.

So in our first test we found the spandex kinda got us the look we desired, but we couldn’t capture a picture that really did it justice.  So we punted and tried our number 2 theory which was plastic drop cloths. While a little on the creepy side this was a much easier image to capture and manipulate.  After the initial test we had the idea that we could work words into this as well that tone down the creepy factor a little. It didn’t take us long to come up with the idea of printing words on transparency film with big thick text and the result was really awesome.  As it turns out transparencies were the most expensive thing we needed for this shoot.

Which brings me to a side note; while I thought over-head projectors were dead, apparently no one told the people that make them.  Transparencies ended up being almost $50. Color me surprised, I thought we would get it for $5 tops. I mean churches and schools were driving that industry… how many churches and schools use them now? I digress.

In the end thanks to some pretty creative editing by Josh this bumper turned out really good. All editing color grading done in FCP 7 and the film flashes done in After Effects with the free preset from allbetsareoff.com.

If you like that then stay tuned for my next post where look at the stage design for this series.