So Today is my 34 birthday!34 is a really strange age, older than lots of the people I work with at the church, but I am younger than most of the leadership and people that have seniority over me, time-wise at the church.  I am neither fish nor fowl, not quite in but not quite out. I have been working at my career long enough that I can say I have mastered it, but I still feel like I don’t know near as much as I wish I did.  My kids are both in school, which means we are not paying for daycare, which is just amazing! So yeah this is kinda a strange time in my life, not bad just strange.

Also this is my 100th blog post, I started posting to this blog 4 years ago. Since the redesign a few years back I have had over 2,500 views on this site, which means there are a few more of you reading this then my wife and my mom, so I wanted to say “Thank You” I really started writing the blog for me, but I have always had just enough traffic that I felt guilty if I didn’t keep it up.  So thank you for encouraging me, thank you for inspiring me, but most importantly thank you for listening to me.

Now if you guys could just get 50,000 of your closest friends to read this blog so I could get picked up by beacon ads that would just be amazing!

Seriously thanks for keeping me sane… more tech stuff to come!

photo credit: starfire via photopin cc