Lipdubs are and interesting phenomenon, it’s a pretty simple concept: play a song, lip sync to it, and record it all in one take. In most circumstances choreographing one long shot for 3-5 minutes is really difficult in and of itself. However, this “all in one take” mindset makes for an interesting challenge.  For example, I helped make a lip dub last year for our kids program I thought we did a pretty good job, it took us three nights of several hours rehearsing and then on the final night we got it on the third take. So like I said they are tough.

I also saw a church do an amazingly creative backward lip dub Awesome job to the team at PC3. I thought this was one of the more creative ways to do it. It’s unique, it’s well produced, it’s just plain good! Oh yeah it also had to be a pain in the butt to make since it’s backward.

Then today I was shown this video by Walk off the Earth and it takes the cake! It’s creative, it’s amazingly well done and if you watch the making of video it’s absolutely insane what they did to make this video. I love the time slip theme for the music video because the song kinda has a disjointed feel of moving from element to element so using this technique for the telling of the story is perfect.
So watch the video and be inspired to go and find the way to take this concept up a notch.