So here are my top 5 products from NAB 2014Actually they aren’t mine, but the video is. I think all of these products have a lot of potential in the HOW (House Of Worship) market. I especially like the Sound Devices Pix 270i, I think this product could really help churches. Especially churches that are trying to do the “North Point” model of video playback at multi-sites. Mainly because you can lock more then one of these devices together and through a GUI (Graphical User Interface) keep them in sync for record and playback.

For those of you that a curious, no my motion design skills are not THAT good, the opening sequence is a template from Motion VFX, which is pretty much the only place I purchase motion templates from. Their stuff is the best and many of their templates come as packages with show open, lower third, title, and transition templates. Now these templates are HUGE compositions some have literally hundreds of layers, so it helps to have better then a cursory understanding of motion or aftereffects before you jump into one of these. That said, I find taking them apart to change things is a great way to learn the software.