We were a host again this year for the Williow Creek Global Leadership Summit. In the past this has been one of the events that I look least forward to during the year because it always takes 2 full work days out of what is always a long/short week. Long on hours and short on time, this year was no exception. We finished the summit at almost 6:00 and turned the stage over for a 7:30 singles service. The difference was really in my attitude because of an article I read and wrote about a few months back. All of that to say this year was better then all the previous years. I took the time to take notes and really pay attention and I am glad I did.  The theme this year seemed to be dealing with toxicity on a team.  Most of the speakers hit on this in some form or fashion.

I figured I would sum it up for all of those who didn’t get to attend this year with my top 5 quotes of the summit.  I warn you some of these maybe exact quotes because I can’t type fast enough to transcribe everything I heard.

In no particular order:


“People join organizations, they leave managers”

 -Bill Hybles


“Trust is lubricant that moves an organization”

-Colin Powell


“Good people don’t leave jobs where they are known”

-Patrick Lencioni


“Innovation is a virus to on going operations”

-Vijay Govindarajan


“Calling has to trump culture”

-Chris Brown