So the family and I took a 5 day long trip to Disney this past week. I think the best way to sum up my thoughts is in an award style post, so here we go:(oh spoiler alert YOU WERE WARNED)

Coolest use of technology: Kim possible scavenger hunt- If you have never heard of this it here’s how it works;at Epcot they give you a cell phone with clues and pictures that tells you to be some place and look for something, when you find it the phone sends a signal that makes the something do… well something.  For example we had to find a stein display in germany, when we did the steins started singing to us.  Then we had to find a glockenspiel (still don’t know what that is) when we did it set off this 6 ft tall cuckoo clock thing it was AWESOME!

Coolest Ride: Toy Story- This was a tough one, and the winner is only technically a ride, yeah you sit in a little car and it moves but the best part of this ride is the 3D shoot’um up aspect it basically moved you around to different target ranges and you shoot the targets with a 3d animated nerf gun.

Biggest surprise: Voyage of the little mermaid- Well here is the thing, my youngest has this thing for Ariel, so we ended up at this show… the special effects were REALLY cool! I knew we were in for something good when they opened the doors and the haze was so thick it literally poured out.  At one point they use a laser through some kind of beam splitter to make a false ceiling of laser light and then rained water through it … yeah cool stuff.

Best projection: Cinderella’s castle- So for this one the geek in me wants more info, cause I saw where the projectors were these things HAVE to be 2-3 hundred feet away minimum.  There were 2 double stacks per section (4 projectors, one side looked like it had 6) hitting at least different atleast 4 different sections.  I can’t even speculate on specs, but I would love to know what they were using cause it looked like a million bucks…. which coincidentally is prolly what they paid for them.

Environmental Projection

Biggest “How did they do that?”: Turtle talk with crush- this one was cool mainly because my oldest got picked to talk to Crush first and got asked a bunch of questions, and then Crush asked ME a bunch of questions.  Which really has me wondering how it’s done, which of course causes my wife to go search these things out.  Rather then explain it check out this article.

Biggest disappointment: Me- Yeah like something from Disney was going to make this one.  Pride got the better of me  and yes a I am a little ashamed… At one point during one of the fireworks show the guy next to me was snapping pics as fast as he could (which was not very fast) and in a moment of pride I ramped up my 7D to high speed and snapped out 3 bazillion pictures in about 2.3 seconds just cause I could.  yeah I felt a little bad about it later, but not much 🙂