I work in an office that at one time was a meeting room.  Now it houses 5 cubes, and until recently has been inhabited by only men. The other constant through out the ever changing staff exiled to this office, was that it was always dark.  One reason was because the lights buzzed when dimmed even the slightest amount.  The other reason is traditionally it was occupied by creatives. So what?

Well it turns out that it is easier to “think straight” when you have reduced the amount of information your brain is trying to process.  Don’t believe me? Ever been thinking real hard about something, I mean really focused on some problem solving, where the solution is continually eluding you? Ever paid attention to what you do when you are doing that?

Most people cover their eyes with their hand.

Admit it you do that! I know I do.  Scientist have studied this and proven that this “noise reduction” helps lead to insight and epiphany.


I am reading through Jonah Lehrer’s book Imagine, on the suggestion of Joe Woolworth (Twitter, Blog) I am 2 chapters in and I may just stay up and read through the night, the book is THAT good.