While working on my personal review, I was reminded about of the principle that I have tried to instill in my volunteers.  What I did not realize until now is, as a result of that principle, there is no such thing as a win for tech.  I know that sounds a like a hyperbole, but hear me out.

The first goal of every tech ministry ever is “don’t be noticed” or “be invisible.” You can see the culmination of this in Lake Pointe Media’s home page http://www.gounseen.org/  Just read the hyperlink.  So it stands to reason if someone comes up to you as the TD after a service and says “Wow I really liked______!” As much as that sounds like a win, you got noticed. Thus, not so much. I have told my volunteers we are like the CIA of ministry… our successes are private and our failures are public. No one once has ever come up to me and said “The dutch angle on camera 3 really helped me understand God’s love.” That would just be crazy, but if you and your team don’t realize how integral a part of the service you are, you are just as crazy.

Many ministry wins are really not so much about the actions that people do, but the results of those actions.  The problem with tech is if we do our job right we were not noticed, as a result no one is going to come to us with the story about what happened because of our involvement. This means that if you are in charge of the team it is solely your responsibility to keep your volunteers motivated and on fire for what they are doing. You have to find the wins that you can share with your team, like attendance wins, make sure your volunteers know exactly how many people they have the opportunity to reach this weekend.  Also set milestones for your team to strive for, one that I used in the past was a “shot-per-song count” I told they team we were averaging 10-15 shots per song and I wanted to be at 45, when we got their we celebrated.

Keep these things in mind because if you don’t focus on keeping you team motivated there really wont be any wins for your tech department.