In the past 4 months our post production video team as gone from me in my free time, to me in my free time and 2 full time people.  The three of us are total geeks and we get along great, but we are just starting to get the hang of working together as a team.

So far working as a team means “you take this project and I will take that one.”  However for this past weekend we produced our first collaborative piece. Joe did all the story board, song selection, and most of the concept basically all the pre-work.  At that point it didn’t make sense for him to not run with it, so he did.  Josh and I shot some of the video but most of it was shot by Joe who also was the model for most of the close up stuff.  Needless to say Joe did most of the heavy lifting on this one.  After he got the rough cut he brought it to me and we spent some time color grading it. By that I mean we opened up my copy of magic bullet quick looks and decided the best look.  We agreed on this one pretty quick.  After that I added the little ending tag in motion. For our first team effort, it was a total win! So, are you all in?

Are you all in?


So moving forward I think most of our collaborative efforts will be similar to this one, with one person doing the heavy lifting and the others coming in with a fresh set of eyes to help polish the final product.