Production started today on Hope News.  I think for our first one, from the production side, it looked great.  We were fortunate enough to find a great studio that is renting us some space at a very reasonable price, so here is my gratuitous shout out to marketing ministries they are great.

I think one of the funniest parts was the fact that we needed 2 iPads in the gear bag, one for a teleprompter, and one for a digital clap board/slate to jam sync the 2 cameras.  Both of these applications worked GREAT, it was like the iPad was made for this.  Remember people not just a shiny piece of technology also VERY useful professional gear!
The teleprompter app we used was teleprompt+
The clap board app we used movie slate

So for $35 in apps we saved easily a dozen of hours of production and post production.  Needless to say money well spent!  Do you have great apps for production/post production if so what do you use?