At dinner this evening I saw an incident that just broke my heart, a young couple and their toddlers were sitting across from us.  Mom was struggling with the kids, both of them, dad was there but not involved.  After much struggling the incident finally culminated in the mom saying “This is hard work, why don’t you help me?”  clearly referring to more then just here in the restaurant, followed by “I don’t know why I became a mother!” in front of her kids.  I have become far more sensitive to things like that since my kids were born, but I almost broke down right there.  Luckily I think her kids were young enough they may have missed it entirely.

Most of the TD’s I know are family men, so I want to speak to you guys for a second.  As a father/husband/TD I know how tough it is to balance family and work.  I would be lying if I said I always keep that balance in the right order.  I don’t, I do try and I even sometimes succeed.  I know don’t even make the ballot for father/husband of the year, I am far from perfect and while my family is great I am totally flawed. All of that to say I hope I NEVER give my wife cause to even think that phrase, much less say it.

So if the title applies to you make it a point TODAY to let your family know how much you care.