So I guess I am going to be making this an annual thing. Things that have changed since last year; the multiplexed feed last year was done on a miranda kieldo alto attached to our FSR Eagle 300.  We don’t use either of those pieces of gear anymore.

On a totally unrelated note I have some surplus video equipment for sale.

We are using a Ross Carbonite, to handle our video switching, the cameras 1&2 are Panasonic AG HPX-500, camera 3,4,&6 are Panasonic AG HPX 370. BGBC and BGBL background center and left off a mac pro running propresenter with the multi-screen module (awesome FYI) on a triple head to go. This generates center and lower lyrics at the same time. BGA is… you guessed it background A. Also the real geeks out there will notice that camera 3&4 are frame synced, that was because their genlock cables both broke over the course of the weekend and rather then try and get that fixed during service I just headed that problem off at the pass. Lesson learned from Reason #372 I love my Ross Carbonite.