Seth Godin says this about art in his book “Linchpin”

Art anything creative passionate and personal
Art is about intent and communication
Uses bravery and insight to challenge the status quo
Personal gift that changes the recipient

This is why Exodus 31 is so important to me and why I want to make it important to other techies and in this case non-techies alike.  It’s about the art we create and how it is a gift to our people but how it is also a gift to God. Your acts of service area gift to God.

What we do is more then button pushing and camera holding, because what we do can change people. It can change people’s thoughts on churches, change peoples opinion of Christians, and can change peoples relationship with their creator.

When you think about what the Auditorium looks like with the bright lights and the huge projector screens and the massive speaker array get that picture in your head, close your eyes and think about what that looks like to you, Now thinks about what that looks like to people to come into our church for the first time.
Now think about what it looks like to God, I think to God it looks like this…. Art with our fingerprints all over it. Roger Blalock pointed this out to me at this session at WFX this past year, If you missed it you should go back and listen to it. He said, this important not because of what it is, but because of the relationship it represents. The most important part of all of this is our relationship with God, don’t miss that in the button mashing.

I say all this to give you perspective, because we need more artists. So keep this vision in mind, I am an artist and I need to identify the others like me.