This is absolute shameless plug.

I am not going to appolgize for it because this is MY egocast blog. As many of you know I “write” for Church Production Magazine. I put “write” in quotes there because if you are reading my blog you know I don’t know how to spell, or fix run on sentences, the editors over at CPM do an amazing job. I have two product reviews in this months issue of Church Production Magazine; the Sound Devices Pix 270i and the Roland VR-50HD. Both are really cool products and were fun to review. While flipping through this months magazine to see what else was in it, which of my friends got articles in, what new products were out ect…  I stumbled on an ad. Typically I skip right over these, but this one grabbed my attention and it took me a few seconds to realize why I had stopped. First, it occurred to me that this was an ad for a product I both reviewed and purchased, Clear-Com Tempest wireless intercom and the CC300 headset. Then it hit me, I was in the picture portion of the ad. Sadly I was way more excited about that, then the articles I got published. Yes, yes I know I am a terrible person. I would like to give a shout out to my good friend Josh Hancock who took this picture as you can see in the upper right hand corner.