Some of you may know by now that my ponytail started tweeting in the middle of the Christmas production this past weekend.  @MarkHsPonyTail

The reason for this… turns out I didn’t keep @joewoolworth busy enough. In a fit of boredom inspired creativity, he came up with the idea that my ponytail should be tweeting.  5 minutes later my ponytail had an account and all of the volunteer team for that night was following it.  The next time you think your volunteer staff is giving you a hard time just check out some of the tweets from my ponytail, which apparently “did all it’s own stunts in Disney’s Tangled.” My volunteers immediately jumped in with suggested tweets, and by the end of the day they had almost 100 tweets, 20 followers and wait for it….merchandise. Yeah you read that right ponytail has it’s own brand.  So it saddens me a little that my ponytail is destine to overshadow my real social media presence, which admittedly would not be a tough, but it saddens me none the less.