I don’t watch a lot of sports, I may watch the championship game in most sports, but not much else.  Part of the reason for this is the time I my career where I followed teams and players around the country for basketball games.  I got to know some of the up and coming pros today before they were household names, and to be honest a good chunk of them were arrogant self-centered children with bad entitlement issues, and still are.  Now I know I am painting with a wide brush there, but it’s what I saw.  So when I read something like this story it gives me hope that money and fame doesn’t ruin all of them.  Like I said I don’t keep up with sports but Braylon Edwards could easily be my favorite NFL player now. That is a level of generosity that is really just unprecedented.  The fact that he not only came through with a promise he made to a bunch of kids 6 years ago, that no one in their right mind would have held him to, he didn’t stop there. “The 79 students were provided with laptops and other supplies to help them out when they arrived on campus.” I can’t say enough how encouraging it is to read things like this, Braylon Edwards if you are reading this… YOU are the man!