I purchased this with some very specific projects in mind.  I will be going to Haiti in a few weeks and spending lots of time in vehicle while there. So first project was off roading in Haiti.  Also while there I was hoping to get some time lapse of some of the things we will see.  So for these applications the Go Pro is the go to.

Out of the box you really can’t appreciate how small this thing is.  I think the sensor in my XH-A1 is bigger, which really left me wondering how it would do in the HD  video trials.  The underwater housing feels VERY sturdy between that and the locking mechanism I had a lot of warm fuzzies about getting this thing in the water.  I ordered the Motorsports Hero, because the mounting options seemed like they would be the most bang for the buck.

It arrived today, and in 5 minutes I had it set up for the car trip home.  I set it to
take 1 picture every :30.  I ended up with almost 150 pictures.  What
do you do with 150 pictures, well you import them in to Quick Time Pro as
a image sequence, and make it a time lapse video, of course.

I want to stress I have had this thing out of the box all of 10 minutes prior to this test.  The first thing I noticed is the suction cup mounting is no joke, it’s the real deal. I put it in my car on my windshield like a GPS. I didn’t like that I couldn’t see what I was shooting so I think the LCD monitor may be a necessity.

As you can see once every :30 is way to long between pictures, so tomorrow on my way to work I will do the same test but set it to take every :05.  Effectively giving 6 times more pictures but hopefully as better result.  I also hope to test the submersion sometime this week as well. I will hopefully post those results in the second and possibly third take of this review.  I am also looking forward to seeing how it functions like a video camera without alot of the no needed nonsense a photo camera has.