A few months back I had the privilege of doing FOH, projection design, and sound design for a local theater group.  The performance of Agatha Christie’s  “And Then There Were None” surprisingly had lots of sound effects, many of which ran concurrently.  One of the set guys mentioned that in the past they had used Qlab for the sound effects.  So just a few days before dress rehearsal I down load the software HERE had it loaded in up in less then an hour and had enough understanding to program and run the show in about 3 hours.

Let me just say as a video guy this was one of the first times I ever did serious audio work that made sense to me.  The program is laid out similar to a nodal compositor (which I have only ever seen and only vaguely understand)  it has lots of great functionality, and oh yeah it’s FREE.  I think this is a great little piece if software that the church market may have overlooked. 












This was my project file after 3 hours of work, I was really pretty proud of this since again I had never used this software before. While I know the garish color sheme is pretty rough believe it or not I did that by design.  I wanted everything to be easily seen and no misunderstanding about what each cue did.

The big red Xs on the left side there show you that I have moved my source files since the show. There are tuortials for this software all over the inter-webs. So church sound guys go download it and try it out. If you ever need precision audio cues, or sound effects, for what ever reason, THIS is the software for you.