So it’s not my FIRST Easter, but it is my first Easter with my family. I have been actively involved in technical ministry for most of my life, and all of my adult life. I think it’s easy to say I have volunteered or worked every Easter service at some church for the last 12 years. It was a good run, but this year is going to be a little different. I will only be going to one Easter service and I will be home with my family all day Easter Sunday. That has NEVER happened! My oldest son is only 9 so for as long as he has been alive I have not been home for Easter. I actually had to ask my wife the other day what OUR Easter traditions are, because I don’t know since I have never been a part of them.  She said “Well this time of year you are usually super stressed and working late so our tradition is to just survive.” That’s it. The only good news about that is the expectations are set so low I should have no problem going above and beyond the call this year, comparatively.

So while I am excited about my first Easter with my family, lets face it, it is a little sad that it comes this late in my family’s life. I knew my job was taking too much of my time and my priorities weren’t in order, but this revelation is just a bit ridiculous.

photo credit: partymonstrrrr via photopin cc