Lately my wife has been telling me I need to get a hobby.  The problem is most hobbies take time and money, neither of which I have enough surplus to spend frivolously. However in the interest of taking my wife’s advice (which is usually good) I decided to start taking pictures.  Funny as a video guy you would think it wouldn’t be that big a change, but it really is. In the video world I know what iris and f-stop and shutter speed do, in terms of what they make my video look like. However most of what those things do I only kinda understand. So applying them to photos is still strange for me.

What I have discovered is I really enjoy taking HDR’s (High Dynamic Range) pictures. This is a process in which you take multiple pictures at different exposures and then merge those pictures together in a way that uses the best part of each picture. For example I took these 3 pictures

HDR Demo

Process these through software called Photomatix Which will take these three pictures and turn them in to this

787980 fused compressed-2


Also listen up church techies: “Charities and churches may be entitled to a free license of Photomatix” which of course I think is awesome considering it’s such great software.

I think it’s important especially for church techs to find time away from work and find something to do with some of that time that it just a little selfish, do something for you.

So what do you do in your free time? What hobbies do you have?

Lastly since this is MY blog I am going to post the rest of the good pictures I took on this trip, hope you enjoy!