On the com during service we have what we call RA_.  Typically the last letter is the first initial if whoever is committing the random act.  Usually it’s our Senior Pastor Mike thus we have RAM, Random Act of Mike, though sometimes out Worship leader Karl pulls a RAK.  Before I go to far let me define a random act.  When someone says something that cold or should be followed up by “I don’t believe I’da told that” we have a random act. Today we had a panel discussion, this introduced us to a whole new type of random act… the RAA.  That last A would be All, we had 6 people on the panel and most of them said something that would qualify as a random act.  One of our guys has a book on financial issues called “Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money and Marriage“.  When you have a catalyst like that, and you just know someone is going to”go there” that is what we call a RAP, random act producer.  A book title like Get Naked is a perfect example, every service some reached out for that low hanging fruit and slapped us with a Random Act of…  To be honest these type of things are what really make my job SOOOO worth it.  Of course if my Senior Pastor finds this post and I am prolly going to have an RGE, but that’s alphabet soup for another time.