Christmas program 2010 at Hope Community Church was a redo on an oldie but a goody.  We did Willow Creeks Imagine, the original version.  If you have never seen it, it’s a great show.  The script is good, and it’s pretty much all around awesome.  However, we have done this one before 2 Christmases ago, so the challenge was to take a production we had done and make it new again.  Our answer to this problem was to steal a page out of the Camron Ware’s playbook.  For those of you that don’t know Cameron he is an awesome, passionate guy who knows what he is talking about when it comes to his craft.  Thus enterth environmental projection, now we had never really tried anything like this, and sadly we had to pull down all the parts to put them back in use literally hours after the production, so I didn’t get any good pics, but you get the idea.

I know this looks a little underwhelming, but all the work lights are on… trust me in the dark it ROCKS!  As you can see we pretty much ignored that corner all together.  We couldn’t make it line up and extend the distance that we wanted horizontally at the same time…. this was the compromise.  That scene is the backdrop from out stage extend out into the audience all the way around both sides of the room.  We had 7 different scenes we used throughout the production. To pull this off we used propresenter and the edge blending module.  Both of which we purchased just for this production, but we are going to get TONS of miles out of.  Both ProPresenter and the edge blending module are awesome.  Out of the the box it took the TD and I 10 minutes to edge blend this wall to the point we were happy with it… and since 10 minutes earlier neither of us knew what we were doing I would say that is a WIN.

So basically all this means that this year for our production I was responsible for content on 11 projectors… No small amount of work.  Where did the 11 come from let me break it down
3 for the left wall
3 for the right wall
3 on the stage
2 for IMAG
No pressure