So typically the last 3 minutes of our service countdowns are the highlights of my week.  My crew tends to get a little punchy right before we go live.  This is part of what inspired my blog title, the stuff that gets said… and heard on com during the countdown.  Tonight was no exception, in fact it was probably worse due to the fact the rapture what suppose to happen when the countdown ended.  Everyone had more fodder for jokes than should be legal in this state.  One of the funnier one liners was “due to technical difficulties the rapture has been postponed”

I kept threatening to put a sign the the tech window saying “In the event of rapture the video room will be unoccupied.   Please turn out the light and lock the door on your way out.”

After the countdown the worship leader did 2 minute of schtick about it, which was funny because he was grinning like a kid in a candy store by the end of the countdown.  We all knew he had LOTS of material, plus he is great at ad libbing.  I think he could have done 10 more minutes without breaking a sweat.

Which was great but better was right into the first song my presentation person went up on a cue and had to find her way back in the lyrics.  As soon as the wrong one went up, my TD was on the com, the conversation went like this:

Bob: Mark…. Do we have a problem?
>>>remember I am in the middle of directing cameras at this point…
Me: Looking into it Bob hold a sec….
Me: Crap! She’s been raptured! Someone get on that computer!

At this point most of my crew LOST it! 
Truly times like this make my job TOTALLY worth it!