The stage design for this series needed to be quick, easy and look like a million bucks.  We ended up not have as much time as usual for set up for this series but because tear down from the previous series required the tearing down of a house… no I am not kidding.  Needless to say that took way longer than our average tear down so this one had only a couple of days work put into it.  The concept is easy but requires some intentionality, and patience that some people may not be willing to put in.  All of projection surfaces are foam core hung with tie-line. What I did here amounts to poor-mans-grid mapping or single destination grid mapping.  I went into the masks layer in pro presenter and drew all the negative space, all the area we were not going to project on. This is a tedious process, easy but tedious, that said the results are tough to argue with. If you have been keeping up with my blog then you already know that I modeled for all the pictures.

The result is all of the surface receive just the part of the image that would be in that area, like grid mapping. The difference is it didn’t require Pro video player, a bunch of TV’s, or a band of mac mini slave nodes to pull off. This goes back to creative solutions to expensive problems. The mask for this required lots of squares, I think 50 some odd total. We are projecting that single image from a Mac mini at 3840×720.  The panels are coming right off the computer the center screen passes through the video room first so we can overlay text before sending the single back out or change the source entirely.




Behind the foam core we have 4′ wide x 20′ long sections of mosquito screening zip-tied together, we made this screen cyc about 6 months ago, and frankly it was a big enough pain in the butt, and looked so great we have incorporated it into all the deigns since it went up.We crumpled the screen to give it depth and dimension it looks great when the lights rake it.  We are lighting it with MEGA light N E Color Strip Pro on the sides and ETC Color Commands in the center (so it wont flicker on camera).