Well we had a ROCKIN worship set this week, our guest worship leader (who will be leading at our multisite) did and AWESOME job.  We got to introduce “Rise and Sing” to the congregation, which was a first for the band and they did great.  Thus the 55, that is the number of shots the camera guys got together for this less the 4 minute song.  Now some of you big time TD’s are thinking 55 shots for a 4 minute song is not a big deal.  Let me set the table a little, 1 we only have 4 cameras; 1 of them is locked down, 1 is on a tripod, and 2 ninjas.  Also we use a presentation switcher not a production switcher… thus WE HAVE to go through preview before going live… no hot punching.  Lastly our genlock is not quite as tight as it should be so sometimes we are waiting for signal to catch-up.  So at this speed the hardware is the choke point…. which my switcher was none to happy about.  So my math says that 1 shot roughly every 3 seconds, that is as fast as we get.  Some of you non-technical types are just now thinking how can he cram so much talk into 3 seconds… easy, when I direct I breathe through my ears 🙂

Also today is my birthday thus the 31. My email exploded with facebook responses to my wall wishing me a happy birthday.  2 of my volunteers brought doughnuts and cupcakes with them to today.  Also I was not subject to one of the “from the on stage” pranks we have pulled on the worship leader and speakers before.   It’s good to be the video director.  So yeah I felt very loved today.