I always think we have a really large production…right up until I flip through Church Production Magazine.  Which is a great magazine, but I see pictures of video control rooms that are just HUGE and think to myself “I don’t even know what some of that stuff is.”  Which of course as a video professional is not an easy thing to admit.  Seriously though 5 years ago seems like all I ever heard about was the big 10 the *”NorthWillowLifeCrossBackPointe Church” or as my buddy Jim Kumorek says “First Mega Church of The Anointed”.  Now I see things and read things about lots churches I have never heard of, and they are all so much bigger then us.  The level of production at these places far surpasses ours.  I won’t lie it makes me a little bitter. 

Case in point, I ordered shirts for all our tech volunteers, with all the extras I ordered I got 90 shirts.  That was for our main campus and our multi-site ALL tech volunteers.  I believe ALL totaled we have 60-70 volunteers. For some perspective I went of to NPCC looks like North Point uses 40 volunteers a week.   Now I would never compare what we do to what they do, never … it’s apples and…. much much much smaller apples 🙂

This leads in to my title, so I ask myself this “why should it matter?”

Obviously it shouldn’t.  I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed we are as a church and how personally blessed I have been.  I wouldn’t even know where to start, and even if I tried I would miss/skip the vast majority of it.

That said, I am a flawed vessel.  I read the stats from North Point and I think to myself “man if only we could do that”  when my first reaction should be “Wow, it is so awesome that they can do that”

Mike made a great point in his message on love today that I think applies here.  He said I should be happy that a brother/sister in Christ is being blessed, and not bitter because it wasn’t me.  THAT is the way I should show my love for them.  I should be excited for them, and rejoice with them, and if I was loving them like I should this would be natural. 

So I say to myself and I say to anyone reading this, rejoice for/with the blessed, don’t harden your heart to them.  If you would love like you were suppose to this would flow naturally out of you, if it isn’t… then you and I know what we need to work on.

And if anyone for North Point is reading this; Ya’ll ROCK!! Keep up the good work!

*I wish I was clever enough to come up with that name… but it was CPM from Mike Sessler I stole it.