So for the second post in my closer look at why do churches have tech I want to take slightly different approach.  One that I am most familiar with.  At the same time I hope to better explain another argument FOR tech that some people may not have considered.  While a little (little might be an understatement) egoistical it still true… the way I serve on the weekends is for me the most pure form of worship I have ever experienced.

How so?  Well let me dig into this a little more.  As the video director at my church during worship I am calling camera shots directing camera operators.  To me I feel trying to facilitate the movement and direction of this living breathing thing that just wants to run wild and free and I am trying to help it get where it wants to go.  Also I am white and I am a recovering southern baptist… so when I direct, I dance.  I don’t mean a little foot taping… I mean if our church released a video game knock off of DDR it would be called “Video Director Hero” When I am working it is as close to David bringing back the Arc as I think I can get
 I will celebrate before the LORD. 2 Samuel 6:21 NIV
Read 2 Samuel 6 and listen to the descriptions of what David was doing and celebrating….THAT is how I feel. 

With that said I know our church didn’t put in all this tech just so I can worship, that would be crazy. However IF this is what it is like for me, and IF this is what it is like for the worship team, and we can encourage everyone involved, and everyone watching to have that and express it …. THOSE times it is awesome. 

Not to say you can’t have that experience without tech because you absolutely can, but I think the more people that are involved that are having THAT same experience, like a fire in dry grass, it just spreads.

FOR:  You don’t have tech just so the techies can worship, because not all of them worship like that.  However, it is a excellent perk for them if they do.