So this last part I decided I really needed after testing the footage at the end of step 2.  While it looked good, it also made each piece of sail look like one piece instead of multiple sails, so back in to motion.
I duplicated the loop 3 times and sized them down to fit just over the masks.  Then I rotated them along axises so they did not mimic the sail below them. I also added the jolly roger to the mail sail, this was displaced the same way the original sail was done, at the request of the TD, what the TD wants the TD gets.

Ok once this file is exported and put back in keynote then I do what most people would never dream.  I stretch it to fit length wise…before you freakout I left this step out earlier that makes this ok.  I did that so I could discuss it more here.  Remember the original mask was made at the resolution 3840×720, the orginal projected size.  Well the orginal sail video size is 1280×720.  Well when I designed this sail layout I shrank the mask length wise to fit the 1280×720 aspect…. I then compressed the sails length wise to fit the compressed mask.  Once it is finalized I will reverse the process in keynote stretching the sails back to the original size.  Why the hoops, well 3840×720 is not a resolution you can work at, or that even most things recognize, so I fake it.  By contorting the mask and making the finals fit that contorted shape once I re-size them they look fine.  I know I am taking a quality hit here by doing this, but honestly aside from me no one should notice, and since the resolution doesn’t exist in anything else it is the only way I know how to do it.  

So I put the finalized 1280×720 mov in keynote…. then stretch the sides to fit the 3840 resolution. Then layer the mask goes over it and I use the alpha feature in keynote to get rid of the whites, thus making these squares in the final video look like properly sized rectangle sails.

so here is a copy of the 1280×720 video with out the mask on it.

So you can tell just by looking at is it should be stretched out a little for everything to look right.  If you can image stretching that by 3 times as long that is what the final looks like and trust me it looks fine. 
I will see if I can get some good footage of it this weekend to post here so you can see the final project.
Total time on task for this project was about a day and half, which considering at the start I wasn’t even sure I could do it, not a bad time.