If you read part 2 of this post, then you have prolly figured out why I do what I do.  That said it’s not always like that.  First service yesterday was a perfect example.  We had a lot of little failures, stuff most people prolly didn’t see or notice.  But I did, and my team did.  Those little failures clung to me throughout the worship set. I can feel the energy draining from my team like a balloon with a hole in it. Most of these could have been overcome easily before service, however during service … not so much.    When things are going good I think I have the best job in the world, when things like yesterday happen I feel like I totally failed my people.

Mistakes tend to breed more mistakes and the more “moving parts” you have the more likely you are to get mistakes.  Lets face it, having tech adds an exponential number of literal and figurative “moving parts”

Against: Beyond power and technical failures, humans are involved so perfection WILL NOT be achieved.