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This one is a long post that really only the tech guys will appreciate. It’s a little bit deeper then my usual posts so beware. Continue Reading…

Ross Video - Carbonite

Ross released the a peek at the next frimware update.  Unlike a lot of manufactures Ross does a great job of updating their product after purchase.  It’s like built in upgrades and future proofing, for free! Continue Reading…

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So we are kicking of a campaign called #thisisworship and Doug did a great job of opening up the series tonight talking about how worship could really be anything.  I reminded me of a post I did almost a year ago that was probably my favorite blog post this year. So I made a few revisions and I wanted to re-post it.

Work is worship.

This is a great concept that our Marketplace Matters team has trying to get across for a while; work is worship.  This concept really stands out to me personally though, and I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why.
When people talk about worship often they mean singing, those words tend to be synonymous. I want to make the observation that “synonymous” doesn’t mean “mutually exclusive.”  I like to sing and I like to sing to God, but I don’t tend to connect that way.  Mainly because I can’t sing, and because I am SO bad at it I feel like I cheapen my praise. In the old testament; Deuteronomy 12:6 it says “bring your burnt offerings and sacrifices, your tithes and special gifts, what you have vowed to give and your freewill offerings, and the firstborn of your herds and flocks.”

Tithes and special gifts are used in the same sentence.  Sounds to me like it should be something special, something important, first fruits. Singing isn’t special or important to me because I am no good at it. Worse I work with people who are AWESOME at it, so I am constantly reminded of my inability. As a result when I do sing, even in praise, I am not overly demonstrative. I have tried to raise my hands while singing, it always feels wrong.  However, I noticed a few months ago when I am directing IMAG my hands STAY up, I am super demonstrative (just ask my volunteers or look on youtube I know there are videos out there), and in THOSE times are when I most frequently feel like I am connecting with God. I think the fact that I am doing something I think I am good at makes a difference.

The argument could be made “Yeah but I have seen your IMAG and it’s not that good.” That may be but I direct it with pure abandon, I leave it all on the field. I don’t sing that way, ever. Also I think God knows my intent, when I am directing I do it to glorify him.  You could say “Does not the same hold true with singing?” Sure it does, but I didn’t say God had a problem with my singing, I said I did, it creates a barrier for ME.

I also notice the word tithe is use in there in Deuteronomy 12:6 as well. I always heard that explained as giving back to God what has been given to you.  Here is an idea, how about tithing on your talent. God gave it to you, what if you actively found ways to give back 10% of the talent you have been gifted with to God.

I would like to think that since it’s something you are going to be good at you might get more out of dedicating it to God. It might increase your connection to God, or give you another way to connect with Him.

Maybe if you are a computer geek you can volunteer to help the church with IT, or if you are a teacher you could volunteer in a children’s program. Just find a way to utilize the talents you have to glorify God.

I see very clearly for me how work is worship, How about you? Can you find a way to tithe on your talent?


This is a really slick little streaming box, it’s tiny, it’s wireless, and it’s affordable.

Read the entire review here

While working on my personal review, I was reminded about of the principle that I have tried to instill in my volunteers.  What I did not realize until now is, as a result of that principle, there is no such thing as a win for tech.  I know that sounds a like a hyperbole, but hear me out. Continue Reading…


Latest article for Church Production Magazine

VideoStoriesLatest Article for Church Production Magazine, tips for shooting better interviews.

Stumbled on to this blog this morning on Business 2 Community Blog Check it out here

by Iliana Snow

I think this is a really good one for church leadership to read. All of this really applies to your creative arts team.

So I guess I am going to be making this an annual thing. Things that have changed since last year; the multiplexed feed last year was done on a miranda kieldo alto attached to our FSR Eagle 300.  We don’t use either of those pieces of gear anymore.

On a totally unrelated note I have some surplus video equipment for sale.

We are using a Ross Carbonite, to handle our video switching, the cameras 1&2 are Panasonic AG HPX-500, camera 3,4,&6 are Panasonic AG HPX 370. BGBC and BGBL background center and left off a mac pro running propresenter with the multi-screen module (awesome FYI) on a triple head to go. This generates center and lower lyrics at the same time. BGA is… you guessed it background A. Also the real geeks out there will notice that camera 3&4 are frame synced, that was because their genlock cables both broke over the course of the weekend and rather then try and get that fixed during service I just headed that problem off at the pass. Lesson learned from Reason #372 I love my Ross Carbonite.


My latest article for Church Production Magazine- about how to mentally prepare for big weekends like Easter.